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Hi, I am Chad Collins, Founder of Learn With Bricks LLC, and producer of Brick Fest Live.

As a child, I spent countless hours building with LEGO bricks. I remember the sense of gratification I felt when completing a set and the enjoyment I experienced when building my own creations. However, it was later in life when I had the epiphany that it was my time spent with LEGO as a kid, which wired my brain in a way to help me achieve my goals. It should be noted that I started my career as an Engineer for Lockheed Martin.

Brick Fest Live was created to increase awareness of the fact that science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) are all in play when it comes to LEGO and other construction toys. Even the creative arts, the sometimes forgotten form of education, can be expressed with LEGO.

By promoting the use construction toys like LEGO, we can inspire the next generation of artists, engineers, and leaders.

Since LEGO products come with a higher price tag than most other toys, this is often a limiting factor when deciding on that next gift purchase. I encourage you think of LEGO as an investment in your children’s future, an investment that can yield an infinite return.

We chose Brick Fest Live as our preferred platform for promoting these values to thousands of people at once through our numerous hands-on activities and elaborate displays. Families will build together to accomplish their goals and find creative solutions – all using LEGO bricks.

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Stay Creative!